Thursday, September 27, 2012

Will there be a 'possotive vibration' in Kilkenny this weekend?

Tom Cambell's 'possotive vibration, yeh' 

I'm not sure if the piece 'possotive vibration, yeh' will be one of the ones on show, but if you are in Kilkenny this weekend, call in to the new location of The Blackbird Gallery (in the Castle Yard,) because they will be hosting a weekend of artist and musician Tom Campbell’s work. He'll also be doing a free live performance at 4pm on the Saturday. The show is open Saturday & Sunday; 11am to 5.30pm. (29th & 30th Sept)

The gallery's blurb tells us ''The multi-talented Campbell is not only an acclaimed visual artist he is also an incredibly talented performance artist and musician. His Terracotta Head show has been highly acclaimed and his recent Ice cream man preformed on the streets of Cork was thought provoking and entertaining.'' Sounds interesting! 
OF COURSE there is going to be a positive vibration in Kilkenny, because the Cats are going to win the hurling championship on Sunday, aren't they!?! ;-)

For more information call Valerie 0877843015

Here is an ''experimental documentary portrait of artist Tom Campbell'' from You Tube


  1. Wish you all the luck in championship, look forward to post on Kilkenny celebration, fingers crossed.


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