Saturday, April 28, 2012

A gorgeous beach cove in Dunmore East, Waterford: what to do in Ireland

Gorgeous beach at Dunmore East, Waterford, Ireland
If you are looking for a beautiful sandy beach, sheltered in a cove with its own cave, rock pools, and a view out to the world's oldest working lighthouse, then Dunmore East in county Waterford, Ireland is the place to be!
Seaside rocks at Dunmore East, Ireland

 The village itself is charming, and the 17th century smuggler's haunt just up from the beach, The Strand pub, is ideally situated for having a pint or coffee & watching the boats pass by. The Dunmore East Adventure Centre is up the road, and we could see their small sailing boats zipping along out on the water. Last year Hubby reluctantly (hated being on boats) did a day's sailing with them, and came back loving it! Give them a try. 
I've made a wee video with the photos from our visit today- enjoy! The lighthouse over on Hook Head, across the water, is hard to see in them- they are just from a camera phone. You can easily see it with the naked eye, tho! :-)

Dunmore East is having a Rambling Weekend 18-20 May 2012, click here for more info on that, and on the Dunmore East tourism site for more general information & listings of their other festivals. See you on a sailboat soon? :-)
Boats at Dunmore East Harbor, Waterford, Ireland
 Enjoy being outsideinIreland :-)


  1. Now you've really wetted my appetite for a trip down there! Have been following your tweets & pics throughout the day and looked lovely.

    1. The cove was quite sheltered compared to the harbour on the other side of the village- we nearly got toppled over walking along the raised seawall there! Well, not really, but it was much windier :)

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Carole, Ballymaloe is worth a visit alright! In fact, you'd hardly go wrong with anywhere in Cork :-)


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