Graiguenamanagh/Graignamanagh (tip the ue spelling is the one used in Google Maps,)  is a charming riverside medieval village,
 the site of medieval Duiske Abbey, built by the Cistercian monks during the 11th century. Graig na managh means hamlet of the monks. You'll find more information on the Wikipedia page on Graig.

 There is great natural beauty here along the river Barrow. We're in a large valley by the Blackstairs mountains, and the town is nestled at the foot of Brandon Hill (1,697 ft). Graig is a small but lively place, with festivals, community & cultural groups galor. How many places with a population of less than 1,500 have a Brass band, History society, Regatta & rowing festival, Town of Books festival, Concert series, Paddy's day parade, Michealmas festival; theatre group- and more! 
Silaire Wood is a tranquil place to walk along the river, or you can head downriver to St.Mullins for a longer stroll. Bikes can be rented at Waterside Bike & Hike, & you can also do river adventures with Pure Adventures. I've more to add to this page, but til then,
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