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Spooky! What to do for Halloween in Ireland

Medieval step to graveyard, St Canice's, Kilkenny, Ireland
 Ireland is the place where Halloween (Samhain) originated, and it is an exciting & spooky place to be during October- especially in one of the many ancient castles. You are spoiled for Halloween choice here in the sunny southeast- so many places are haunted- castles, lighthouses, crannogs & more! No matter what your age or how nervous your temperament, there's probably something Halloween-y on that you'll enjoy.

Wizards & Witches!
One for children aged around 5-13 is  Enniscorthy Castle's School of Witches & Wizards, where they'll learn to make potions & more! The info is not on their website yet, so see their Facebook page or ring them on the number on the photo below.

Enniscorthy Castle, Wexford, Ireland has lots on for Halloween
The Ghost Hunt at Enniscorthy Castle with Wexford Paranormal on 26 Oct, 9pm-3am is NOT one for the children! Are YOU brave enough?

Haunted Lighthouse!
Also in county Wexford are the Ghostly Guided Tours at the world's oldest operational lighthouse, Hook Head. Running 27- 31 Oct, these are not for small children. Here's a video:

For a different setting again, what about The Park After Dark, where among the crannogs & portal tombs ''you will come face to face with the ghosts and ghouls of Ireland's past... and present!'' Yikes! It is another one with parental guidance advised, though there are also things on especially for kids- click for more info: Irish Heritage Park 

More Castles
Of course, castles are fabulous for spookiness, and there are more Halloween goings-on at castles in Kilkenny; Shankill Castle's 'Scarefest,' and in Carlow; Huntington Castle, (with candlelit tours!) Both have events for adults/older children only as well as ones for kids.
Ghost tours of Shankill Castle, Kilkenny, Ireland

Something probably a bit less frightening is the Ghost Train through Kilkenny City, leaving from across from Kilkenny Castle (a place where I've felt something spooky!) at 7pm each evening in October, but you must book in advance (ring 086 730 1500)

Halloween Spirit & Dracula
Waterford's Workhouse Studios are also getting in on the Halloween spirit (sorry) & are putting on a play in one of the spooky disused workhouse buildings. (Adults & kids over 12) they've also Halloween workshops for younger ones; find out more here.
 If you love Dracula, you'll want to check out the Bram Stoker festival 26-28 October in Dublin. (Bram was a Dubliner- he wrote Dracula, but sure, you knew that!)  NB: the site goes live (LOL) Thurs 4 Oct

One more Halloween festival- one very suited to the more easily frightened among us!- is the Virginia Pumpkin Festival,  25-29 October. Ok, 'tis in Cavan, not the sunny southeast, but it we won't worry about that- there's going to be fireworks and everything! :-D

                                                                       Spooky Tour!
Bram Stoker Festival, Dublin, Ireland
If you have the nerve, you could set yourself a fantastic spooky tour of the events & festivals listed here. You could even intersperse it with some bring-yourself-back-to-reality food at the Savour Kilkenny Food Festival running 25-29 Oct, or some of the other non-Halloween events also on in the southeast (see more on those, here.) What ever you do,
 have a 
Happy Halloween!




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    1. I am hoping we'll get to a few ourselves-- and then after all that, it will nearly be time for me to unleash my Christmas geek self :-) Lots of Christmas markets coming up :-D

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