Monday, October 1, 2012

Sunrises, Sunsets, & what to do next in the Sunny Southeast of Ireland

Carlow, Ireland Sunset in September. (No filter or effects)
September, as is often the case in Ireland, was a beautiful month. If you are from abroad & are considering a visit, do think about September/October as there are always lots of festivals on, too! 
In Graiguenamanagh this Sept the Town of Books Festival was on,
 in Waterford  was The Harvest Festival
the hurling championship is played in September, 
The National Ploughing Championships are in September-- I could go on!

Sunrises in Kilkenny & Carlow, Ireland, September
 In this post, I'd like to share a few photos with you- like this one (above) of a sunset over the fields & hills of Carlow. It was quite amazing the way the light blazed up in the sky, & the majesty of it made me pull over the car & try for a shot, even though my phone isn't great for distance photos. But September wasn't just a month of fabulous sunsets, the sunrises were gorgeous, too! (right)
       The weather in September is usually mild, and late summer flowers are still looking zingy, like these beauties at the treasure trove that is Mount Congreve Gardens in Waterford. (The gardens are open to the public on Thursdays only, 9.00am to 4.00pm, April 5th to September 27th.)
flowers from Mount Congreve, Ireland September

  Coming up now for October in the sunny Southeast of Ireland are several interesting festivals:

  Savour Kilkenny food festival 25-29 Oct

Irish Conker Championship Festival in Freshford, Kilkenny 
28 Oct 

Waterford, 19-29 Oct

24 Oct -4 Nov 

Wexford Fringe 19 Oct -4 Nov. 

Whew! I bet I've missed some, too! What October festivals/events are you going to?
   Have fun! :-)
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  1. Hi Susan, The fall is a beautiful time to come to Ireland, then their is always the spring and summer too, and now that I think of it some of the best time have been had in the middle of winter. I suppose the best time to come is when you can scrape together enough $ to make the trip.

    1. Brian, I think you are right! :-) Susan


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