Friday, June 8, 2012

Irish Weather; Rainbow Making!

rain again..sigh...depressed doggies!
 So.. it's raining again in Ireland. Lots. Actually, it's doing something unusual-- constant rain-- usually we have passing showers, which isn't so bad! Us humans are pretty fed up with this chilly, rainy, 'summer' weather, & now even the dogs are longing for a sunny day to play outside! Sunny days DO happen :-)
 See photo below!
Its not always rainy in Ireland!
Ahh, well. The rain keeps Ireland the famous 40 shades of green, and our showery Irish weather creates lots of rainbows (tho' the gold is all gone!) Check out this amazing one I caught on video this time last year:

Enjoy--rain or shine!


  1. Wow! Never seen a rainbow like that before!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks :) Sorry I just saw your comment now--& today is Bloomsday, 1 yr on from that rainbow-- and the weather much the same--wonder what we will see today!


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