Thursday, May 24, 2012

Irish beaches- deserted or packed?

Irish beaches are often deserted, even in sunny weather!
Today is a very sunny and warm (in the 20s/70s) day in Ireland. People are soaking it up, but I find, in general, most Irish beaches tend to be empty.Take a look at this, tweeted today from 
@poloconghaile: Silver Strand, Co. Mayo today. Deserted save for a couple of Swiss tourists. I want their guidebook. #Westport 
Silver Strand, Mayo, Ireland, from Pol O'Congaile

Of course, some tend to be more crowded, like Tramore in County Waterford:
@waterfordmuseum: If you ever wondered how busy Tramore Beach in Co. Waterford, Ireland could get. Here is your answer c1950. :)
Tramore beach, Waterford Ireland, from Waterford Museum
Now that is crowded!
If you'd like to see more on a very charming Irish beach & coastal village, see this post on Dunmore East Enjoy the sun, hope it is shining on you where ever you are :-)
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  1. Greetings, I have noticed that the beaches can be less crowded, we were visiting In Donegal and spent an afternoon in Malin head at five fingers strand, it was beautiful, and we( my cousins and my family) were the only ones on a long stretch of white sand beach. No complaints, my youngest daughter took a dip(she's a polar bear). Just found your blog it's nice to be positive,

    1. Hi Brian, thanks! I think Donegal beaches are some of my favourites! Was at a spectacular one at Bloody Foreland years ago, & again we were nearly alone. That water was nothing like warm, tho' and I'm not a polar bear young one :-) so no swimming for me that day!

  2. Lovely post and gorgeous image - makes me want a dip (and some sun!) I must admit to not visiting the beaches here half as much as I'd like but looking forward to a trip to Dunmore this year!

    1. Dee, you are so right about the sun! With the even more changeable than ever 'summer' weather we're having this year, I think campfires at the beach sound a bit more appealing than swimsuits!


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