Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Where to go in Ireland: Fabulous 11th c. ruins of Kells Priory, Co. Kilkenny

The 11th century ruins of the Augustinian Kells Priory in Co Kilkenny are one of the largest sets of ruins in Ireland, but are not really well known—this can be a good thing, as it means you’ll likely miss being overrun by crowds & can wander about at a leisurely pace, soaking in the fabulous atmosphere. 

  Each time we’ve gone we’ve pretty much been on our own except for a dog walker or two. We brought some friends from Dublin and they were amazed. I really recommend it! It was a grey October day when I took these photos, but it only added to the charm.

 Here's a slideshow of some more photos taken on the day.

Located about 10 miles from Kilkenny City, Kells Priory is well worth an excursion! If you are interested in a very thorough history & information on what you are seeing when you are there, definitely click to this site: http://www.kells.frantzen.de/index.htm  After  our walk around, we had quite an appetite, so we headed a few miles down the road to Stoneyford, to the Knockdrinna artisan cafe & food shop for a bite to eat.

They were having a celebration day as they had just won the top award- Supreme Champion- in the British & Irish cheese awards for one of their own cheeses- the Kilree. They won several awards this year- Best Semi soft Cheese; Best Irish Cheese;  Gold medal for Kilree Goats Cheese;  Gold Medal for Knockdrinna Meadow Sheeps Cheese;  Silver medal for Lavistown Cow’s milk cheese. Knockdrinna really does make delicious cheeses- and you can buy online as well as at their shop & at farmer’s markets. A small farm located in the village of Stoneyford,  Knockdrinna makes their cheeses on site, and you can go around the farm & see some of the farm animals. Click here to find out more about Knockdrinna.

A great afternoon out for all the family! Have you been? Share your photos and thoughts with us!
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