Sunday, May 8, 2011

Eye Candy and great buns in Kilkenny!

 Get down to the National Craft Gallery quickly, by May 11, and you can see these beauties & more from the Irish Craft Portfolio.  If you can't make it, enjoy these photos I took- there were many items that the camera/I didn't do justice to, but here are some that came across fine. (The buns are at the bottom of the blog- just wait!)
(Please let me know if I've mislabeled any makers!)

love this curvy 'Eye Candy' by glass artist Catherine Keenan
fabulous angular furniture by 

ceramics by Frances Lambe- wish I could touch them!

more 'Eye Candy' from Catherine Keenan
 The way light shone through the piece was gorgeous and warm- like a fire in the belly.

Cara Murphy's shining silver pieces

(help welcome- I've lost who made this spectacular table)

Nuala O'Donovan's porcelain ceramic of a teasel flower- *want* but wouldn't want to dust ;-)

luminous beauty from glass artist Karl Harron 

wild and wonderful baskets were made by Joe Hogan, who also gives courses!

think this is Karl Harron's again- the light played right through it  

this photo does not do justice to Sabrina Meyns' delicate paper & silver botanical jewellery.

After the Craft Gallery, we headed across the street to Kilkenny Castle, where a brand new exhibit, Vera Klute's 'Blindganger' was having its opening in the Butler Gallery. We loved it, and I'm going to re-visit when it is not so busy. I have to miss the discussion on the show this Friday 13 May, but do go if you can- is free and at 1pm at the gallery. I think the exhibit is quite interesting- with some lovely drawing as well as video & sculpture, its playfulness and slight 'icky' factor to some pieces should appeal to school children as well; a great way to introduce them to gallerys/art. 
 Hungry, we made our way over to Stonehouse bookshop for Edward Hayden's Food To Love
cookery book demo. Foolishly, we 1st stopped off at Homemade & ate tasty spelt baugettes, drank fab coffee and ate fantastic buns. I say foolishly, because the very entertaining Edward made lemon cheesecake, multiseed scones, and chocolate biscuit cake & then shared them with the audience! We were too full of sweet overload to try them all- though we did manage a yummy nibble of scone!
Once again Kilkenny satiated our appetites, cultural and stomach-al ;-) 
Disclamer: buns photos not at the bottom of blog- Blogger will only put the photos of them on the top! So I've added them to the Foodspotting bar at the top right side of the blog.  


  1. Fabulous, can't wait to go!That food spotting gizmo is cool!

  2. It *is* a cool gizmo, wish my phone/the mobile app would behave itself & let me upload photos on the spot like it used to. It is really hard to remember/find time to update it otherwise. But it is fab for seeing what peeps in the area you are in/going to are recommending.


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