Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Very Vintage Motorcycle Run in Graignamanagh

 Saturday on a walk through town, we came across a whole pack of vintage motorbikes, with riders to match- all decked out in vintage biking gear. I snapped a few pics of some bikes, & also a lovely cottage & waterwheel along the river Duiske. Enjoy!

There are also lots of Heritage boats on the river here at the moment- will put a few snaps of them up later.  (Omitting the real life, red & orange painted naked man on one of them... not sure what was going on there! It was World Naked Gardening Day that day, but I didn't see any plants on the boat-- not that I looked too closely!


  1. Nice pics. Love the old bikes, always drawn to old cottages. Always think back to the lives lived in them.

  2. Thanks Bridget; the older things have such interest & character from all they've been thru-- I suppose that can apply to people, too!


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