Thursday, February 3, 2011

Creative, positive, efforts to allay the heartbreak in Ireland.

You probably know that Ireland is going through tough times. You probably know a bit about the emigration that constantly broke Ireland's heart in the past, & how that is now happening again. Living here, I feel that tho' the economic pain got us down, it is the young people leaving again that is really breaking the Irish people's heart. (RTE news reported about 1,000 people are now leaving each week.) But they are not all leaving, and there are many, many, individuals, groups/organizations, and businesses from all sorts of sections of the community & culture coming together to try and turn things around.  I'll be going to what is just one example of this, an arts based ideas generator event in Kilkenny 
 ''MOOT VII ‘Inno-Vision’ is an event dealing with how arts, creativity and education link to innovation and the business sector. This discussion, like previous events, will be an open format event where artists, curators, academics etc. and the general public are invited to question how arts and creativity can contribute to addressing Ireland’s cultural and economic future. Moot VII will dispel creativity ‘myths’, focusing on how we can harness creative thinking and innovation in the arts and creative sectors in today’s society, channeling it into the right areas to create a country that is not dependent on foreign investment for its livelihood. It will explore conections and overlap between the worlds of the arts, education and business to think about how to make the most of creative talent and change peoples’ ways of thinking about their creativity.''

Not all young people are leaving

For example, there is the young man from this video. I'm not talking poltics here, I'm just using his very creative video as an example of the vibrancy and creativity that is happening in response to these difficult times. I'm not sure these positive responses are being talked about enough, and they should be. Here is the clip:

Something I posted on the Facebook page has also lifted the spirits of many of us here, and is being shared & tweeted like wildfire. It's an official tourism video, not a small scale effort, but it does the heart good. (And living in Co. Kilkenny, we're extra proud of our hurling team's clip- the fastest sport) Have a watch:

I am one of those people whose ancestors left Ireland many years ago. I've lived a third of my life here now, and I still love Ireland's people, culture, & natural beauty. I am impressed by the spirit and kindness of the majority of the people, and by the creativity & humour that flows-so often seen in simple everyday conversation. So I just want to say: We hear enough bad news- show off the vibrant side of Ireland. It is inspiring. 

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