Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sunday Sampler: get Devious, see some street art- or perhaps get bookish & eat some (dangerous?) apples

A round-up of some of the interesting things to see, do, hear, eat, think about, & enjoy in the vibrant island of Ireland! 
This weekend we have a wee bit of a 'dangerous fruit' theme, in that we've got 2 links related to apples, 1 to a theatre company that, in their own words, are: 

Also in the 'departing from the accepted way' vibe, we've got several links to some 
Irish Street Art
 also check out:
For a bit of a read, see the Irish Times' article on ''Do Hard Times Make Great Art?''

Good Books & Apples
If you enjoy things bookish, why not plan a trip to The Ennis Book Club Festival, this March 4-6th. There will be loads going on, & if you want to fill out their Book Club questionnaire, you could win a book token.
If you're wondering what/where you should eat while you're enjoying all these delights, check out some of the winners (products & places) of the Bridgestones Megabytes Awards posted by  (There's a great -Kilkenny made!- apple syrup listed here. YUM!)
And last but not least, Bibliocook down in north Cork has an adventurous recipe with a chili & apple twist to tempt you away from boring old coleslaw- you can make this one as devious & dangerous as you dare! Enjoy!!

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