Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Photos & Tips: visiting the ruins of Clonmacnoise, Ireland

These photos are from the extensive ruins of Clonmacnoise in county Offaly, Ireland. We went during the off season and were lucky that this much visited site was nearly deserted of visitors. It costs €6 to enter, and the staff in the centre were very welcoming.
TIP: Unfortunately, I think I should tell you to avoid the coffee on site. Pity. They could really use some tips on having a nice heritage site cafe from The Irish National Heritage Park in Wexford.
Celtic high cross and round tower at Clonemacnoise Ireland
Clonmacnoise is a site full of monuments and ruins
Here's a wee bit of background on the site:
Clonmacnoise is an Early Christian site founded by St. CiarĂ¡n in the mid-6th century. Located on the eastern bank of the River Shannon, it includes the ruins of a cathedral, seven churches (10th  -13th century), two round towers, three high crosses and the largest collection of Early Christian grave slabs in Western Europe. The original high crosses and a selection of grave slabs are on display in the visitor centre.
via Heritage Ireland: Clonmacnoise<Click for more visiting information.
Clonmacnoise Castle is falling down the hill were it once stood proud.
Clonmacnoise Castle has been like this for many many years!
 Here 's a close up.
Close up of the castle, sticking out into thin air
How has it stayed  hanging like this for so long?
TIP: Clonmacnoise is on the tour bus route, and in the summer months gets very crowded. If you are looking for an atmospheric, quieter site during high season - or any time- I suggest the 11th century ruins of  Kells Priory in county Kilkenny. I've photos and information on that site, so click for more.


  1. Hi Susan, Nice picts as always, can't tell you how many replica crosses I've sold of the one represented above (back in the day), it is always nice to see the spots where they originated from.

    1. :-) it is a classic, isn't it Brian! Was great to see it with out loads of people around it too!

  2. Hi, these are very impressing photos (the last one makes me shiver...:-)
    Coincidence: at the moment I am thinking about giving tips about Berlin - together with a hint where to drink a good coffee in the surroundings. Now I see, in the case described above, it would be better to wait (not with my blog, but that coffee you mention).

    1. Hi Brigitta- I'd love to know coffee tips for Berlin-or anywhere! Coffee is such a small but important pleasure for hubby and I-and so many others. Tis good to know where to imbib & where to just stay thirsty ;-)

  3. Hi Susan

    I hope you are well. Looking forward to seeing the outcome of your newest venture. Be sure to keep me in the loop.

    I just posted a pic on facebook today of Clonmacnoise, and then I stopped by here, and was delighted to see your pics :) The closeup of the hanging castle is a gem.

    Chat soon...

    1. Hi Liam, thanks! The new site is taking me ages because I'm trying to learn how to set up what I can on it & do things with it myself, instead of having my web dev doing most of it--so in future I can make (most)changes myself. Wanting to be as self-sufficient as possible with it a control thing as well as a money thing ;-) All this on top of learning the new platform ( fixing old posts...and of course my day job at the garden centre! I'll be so pleased when all the behind the scenes work is done & I can concentrate on new posts! I'll let you know when tis live :-) Susan

    2. I'm sure all the hard work will pay off when it's ready :)


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