Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Photos: Roscommon, Ireland; Castles & more

St Patrick's weekend for us was spent in the gateway to the West of Ireland, Roscommon.
 It was sort of like another world.
The old castle on an island in Lough Key is like something out of  mythology.

We found castles, a windmill, a whole lot of fantastic craft beer in a wonderful pub, tasty local food, and more!

            Twas a very relaxing holiday & I'll give you my reviews & tips in an upcoming post.

 For now, enjoy this scenic photo essay teaser :-)
Elphin windmill , Roscommon, is from the 18th century. 

The Child of Prague phone box, Roscommon, Ireland

Lots in Roscommon was other-worldly, or of another time. 

This old phone box, now home to a statue of the Child of Prague, kept away the rain from Roscommon's Paddy's Day parades!
Did he phone a friend?

There aren't many towns where a 5 minute stroll will bring you to an enormous ruined castle.

Roscommon Castle, Ireland

Hope you enjoyed- I'll dish the dirt & share more photos on Roscommon next post! 


  1. Those castles look very impressive - if I were a television director I would have them (by the way: do you know Irish tv crime/detective-series, old or new?)

    1. Hi Brigitta, thanks for stopping by :-) Lots of people rave about Love/Hate, an Irish crime drama- here's a link to tell you more. No castles in that, I'd think, though :-) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Love/Hate_(TV_series)

  2. Hey Susan!
    Love the photos, especially the one at the top of the castle on Lough Key. You did some nice trickery with those pics :)
    I'll be looking forward to your followup


    1. Thanks Liam! That's the ol' Snapseed :-) Great app!


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