Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Forget the Guinness- wear a potato for St. Patrick's Day!

Earth Apple Jewellery, by Jane Way
Are you ready to enjoy something different, fun, & beautiful? I thought this was perfect to share with you, especially for St. Patrick's Day. Look at this-- jewelry handmade from potatoes! :-)
 I'll let Jane tell you the story:

How exciting to be asked by Susan to write a post about my potato jewellery, just in time for St.Patrick’s Day. Yes you heard right – my Earth Apple Jewellery is hand made from potatoes! And as Susan said, one of the first things people associate with Ireland is potatoes. 

 Dorrigo, New South Wales, Australia, by Jane Way
I grew up on a farm in Lincolnshire, England, where my Dad grew potatoes. I married an Aussie and came to Dorrigo, in New South Wales, half way between Sydney and Brisbane. Dorrigo is a great spud growing region with a lovely climate, plenty of rain (too much recently!) and wonderful red volcanic soil. You’ll see from the photo that this area has many similarities with Ireland. 

So guess what? That’s right, we grew potatoes! Years went by and my love of the potato extended to crafts like potato printing. Then lo and behold I found on the internet (where else?) that you could make beads from potatoes. A craft where I could unleash my creativity and use my beloved potatoes…. I was hooked! 

Lewins Honeyeater on Watarah , Jane Way
Take a look at my blog Earth Apple Jane, to see some more of the pieces I have made, or to see some of the things that inspire my jewellery, and I think you will agree that it is quirky, fun and unique. It is also light weight, easy to wear and eco-friendly. I now use local organically grown potatoes. I sell sometimes at the local market and shops, and I have an online shop

I should explain that the name Earth Apple is taken from the French for potato, pomme de terre or literally “apple of the earth”. Similarly in Dutch it is aardappel. I see the Irish call them praties, purdies and pirries. But I think I’ll still stick with the name Earth Apple! 

Jane Way's Earth Apple Potato Jewelery
Making the beads is a slow process as the pieces of potato have to be completely dried and then sealed, painted and decorated (this is the part I enjoy the most!) sealed again and then made into earrings, pendants and necklaces. I sometimes use leaf prints or feathers etc, to embellish my pendants. It’s fun and I love using serendipitous finds from my walks to enhance my jewellery. 

You never know what shape the pieces will end up, so that always adds an element of surprise. The character of the bead then influences the final design. So do the textures and colours of the natural world around me, the birds, mountains, rainforest…….I could go on and on! 

I really enjoy turning the humble spud into a beautiful piece of jewellery for someone to wear and treasure. 

Reversible potato necklace, Jane Way

Thank you Susan for giving me this opportunity to talk to your readers. 

Have a wonderful Paddy’s Day Susan, and everyone!

Thank you, Jane! I love your unique jewelry, and its international 'flavor'  :-) 
Everyone, be sure to read Jane's blog- there are more lovely photos of nature in Australia there, as well as of jewelry!

 You can get in touch with Jane through her shop, her blog or by email : earthapplejewellery@gmail.com
And of course there is always Face Book and Twitter ! 

Earth Apple potato earrings by Jane Way
Happy St Patrick's Day, everyone!
Forget the Guinness- 
eat a potato & wear one, too! 

If you's like to see our village's parades, click here and also here. 
Happy Paddy's Day! 


  1. Hi Susan, I love a spud but I don't know about discarding the black stuff. I think the best thing would be to live in harmony and wear a bit of spud around the wrist you like to hold your pint with.
    Happy Paddys day,

    1. LOL Brian- yes, let's do live in harmony :-) Anyhow, not sure if the jewelry will suit you, so you may have a point ;-) Susan


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