Monday, February 4, 2013

Photos: Why I Love Ireland

Tinnahinch Castle&  a lockkeeper's cottage on the river Barrow, Ireland
 Tweeting as @Ireland for a week was a fun and interesting experience! As my last few tweets I wanted to say & show a few reasons why I love living in Ireland. Not all my photos attached to the tweets though, & I didn't realize until later. SO- here they are.

This photo to the left was meant to illustrate this tweet:

''The way older history (Tinnahinch castle) blends with more recent tradition (Lockkeepers cottage,) & nature.''
I also shared:
''I love the beauty of the Irish landscape, especially with added snow :-) #lovesnow'' 

The river Barrow in snow, Ireland
Ireland's recent big snow was in 2010, and I've a post on it here if you'd like to see more.

The Graiguenamanagh/Tinnahinch bridge in snow, Ireland 

I also tweeted about the wonderful sunrises I see in Ireland (photos below.)

There'd be too many photos to post for this next tweet--but sure, there are plenty of related photos all over this blog :-)

''I love the resurgence of Irish artisan food, craft, & the spirit of fun I find in so many people. THANK YOU!''

And right now I'd like to say thank YOU, for reading the Vibrant Ireland blog, and also if you follow on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, or G+!
THANKS! Here are a few of the sunrise pics.
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Sunrises, (mainly over the Blackstairs Mountains) Ireland
Sunrise over the Blackstairs mountains, Ireland
hope you've enjoyed :-)


  1. Hi Susan,
    Thanks for the lovely images, could do without the snow though as we have 12 to 20 inches on the way, ah well, time to get ready to shovel followed by some reinforced hot chocolate ,

  2. Hope you are warm & full of chocolate!


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