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Where To Stay In Kilkenny City & County

Kilkenny Castle, Ireland. Looking up from the rose garden.
 Kilkenny- a county of great food, an exciting arts scene, 1,000's of years of history, and very friendly people. It is a beautiful, special part of Ireland, with rolling, river filled countryside, charming towns, & a splendid medieval city. I've gotten an enquiry as to where to stay B&B in Kilkenny, & I wanted to share my answers with you in a blog post. 

Kilkenny City

If you don't have a car, or want to stay B&B as close as possible to everything in Kilkenny City, Carriglea B&B looks to be a winner. It is in a lovely area near Kilkenny Castle and you should be able to reach all the delights of Kilkenny City on foot. Though I've not personally visited, nor know any who have, their TripAdvisor visitor comments are excellent.  

Graiguenamanagh bridge near Waterside Guesthouse 
If you've a car and would like to sample the delights of the small towns and villages, as well as the city, I've great ideas for you. 

Small Towns

The first is along the river Barrow in the medieval village of Graiguenamanagh, home to the ancient Duiske Abbey. Around a 25 min drive southeast from Kilkenny City, Waterside Guesthouse is a stone built, restored mill, and all of the rooms have a view of the river. I've been inside here, and it is lovely and cosy. 

Also, I've worked with the owners Brian & Bridget on The Town of Books Festival, and they are good fun. Brian is a real outdoors & nature enthusiast, and Graiguenamanagh is a terrific base for walking, biking, canoeing & so on. Their website will tell you more. For more on what I've written on Graiguenamanagh,click.

The second village area accommodation is near Stoneyford, about a 15 min drive south of Kilkenny City. I've not been to Lawcus House, but Will who writes at The Cook's Belly has been twice, and he writes about it here. Stoneyford is also home to the delicious, award winning Knockdrinna cheese, and their farm shop & cafe, which I've written about here. If they're serving their pork sambo, get it! Yum!
Kells Priory is also near Lawcus House & Stoneyford- don't miss it!

Rural Clochan, 5 Star 

My final suggestion is located 10 minutes drive south from Graiguenamanagh, but if you'd like to really treat yourself, it is perfect! Ballilogue Clochan is a 5 star guesthouse in an idyllic rural farming area near the river Nore. 

The reason I know it so well is that we lived in (rented) a part of the Clochan that wasn't visitor accommodation. Also, my husband Terry helped restore the main guest buildings- they used to simply be a series of stone barns.

The welcoming owners, Pat & Mark, have created a perfect blend of modern design and traditional charm in the guest buildings, and Mrs Meaney's Cottage Museum is a real treasure of how Irish living used to be.
Looking out the window of Mre Meaney's Cottage, Ballilogue Clochan, Kilkenny, Ireland
  *Do stop by to visit  Mrs Meaney's Cottage Museum  even if you are not staying at Ballilogue.* 

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If you have any questions, or would like to ask me for suggestions on specific interests you have, please do so in the comments, or email me at:  hello @ vibrantireland.com

I'll do my best to give you any tips!

Enjoy Kilkenny!


  1. Hi Susan, I think you should be mayor of Kilkenny, or at least ambassador,

    1. :-) Brian, maybe I should ask them for a commission or a job! :-)

  2. Love your posts Susan and thank you so much for the mentions! love Kilkenny :)

    1. Hi Will, somehow missed replying to your kind comment- and you've a fab blog & tis a good resource for folk!

  3. Replies
    1. Ah, you are very welcome Pat! Well deserved awards being won by Ballilogue Clochan Inn!

  4. Susan, Is Butler House still operating as a hotel in Kilkenny City?

  5. Hi Jim, Yes as far as I know it is- you can find their website at butler. ie. I've never stayed there, but the grounds are quite lovely!

    1. Interesting...my wife couldn't find their website when she was making reservations for our trip in August. She decided on the Pembroke Hotel which looks very nice.

    2. Now we have to decide between Butler House and Pembroke Hotel? Any thoughts?

    3. That should be quite nice, Jim; though I've never stayed there I've been there for functions & a meal, and it seems like a good pick! Have a great time in Kilkenny :-)

    4. Thanks. Spending four days in Cavan first at the O'Reilly clan Gathering. Hopefully I can learn more about my grandfather who apparently came from Kilkenny.

    5. Oh, I just saw the new comment, Jim! RE: deciding- the thing I'd do is to have a good read-through of the comments on both on Tripadvisor. I do see Pembroke is rated #1 Kilkenny hotel. Here are the links: ( General Tripadvisor tip:I find looking at the TRAVELLER's photos very enlightening sometimes as to what a place 'really' looks like.)
      Butler House reviews: http://www.tripadvisor.ie/Hotel_Review-g186616-d552327-Reviews-Butler_House-Kilkenny_County_Kilkenny.html
      Pembroke Holtel reviews:http://www.tripadvisor.ie/Hotel_Review-g186616-d615890-Reviews-Pembroke_Hotel-Kilkenny_County_Kilkenny.html

    6. Enjoy your O'Reilly gathering :-) Hope you find out more info on your Kilkenny Grandfather- best of luck!


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