Thursday, January 24, 2013

The outlaw Ned Kelly at IMMA this week!

This is OVER now, but the Alice Maher exhibit is also one I loved, on at IMMA Earlsfort Terrace ti 17 Feb. NOT really suitable for kids, though. 

The outlaw Ned Kelly paintings by Sidney Nolan are on display at IMMA  until this Sunday, 27 Jan 2013- and you should go! I was there on my 24hrs in Dublin visit, & I made a quick little video:

I wonder WHY does each of the 3 thumbnail options YouTube gives you for your video have to be so goofy looking?! Good thing I'm not overly vain...


  1. Well done and a brave move, doing the video must have been scary fun,

  2. Hi Brian, I did the video at the hostel I was staying at (Generator- very nice!) because I knew I'd not be able to do a written post in time & I wanted to tell people about the paintings.It didn't turn out*too* badly for just quickly recording myself on my phone!(Love my Samsung Note2)SOO much quicker than 1-finger-typing a post :-)


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