Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A letter to you

The first sunrise of 2013 over the Blackstairs mountains in Ireland
Hello! As you probably know, Ireland has been struggling financially for several years. We all hope that 2013 will bring an upward turn, but truthfully, it is hard to know. Fortunately, Ireland has much to enjoy- and plenty of it is free of charge.

As a bit of personal background, thankfully, 2012 was a good year for me & my husband Terry. After 3 yrs unemployment due to the recession, Terry was able to start his own small fitness business here in Graiguenamamagh

A friend to lean on is priceless

 The chronic pain & health issues I'd battled with since 2009 eased up considerably (thanks in part to Maura Cahill Sports Therapist.) I was able to to go do things like sit through a whole concert or film- and what's more, as the year went on I was able to go on walks again, & even travel a bit.
 A silver lining (?) of the recession was that I'd gone from full time to part time work in 2010; I had time to start writing Vibrant Ireland, and in 2012 we even had a bit of extra money to do things that weren't freebies/quite inexpensive. I am so very grateful for all of this.

In 2013, like so many others, I'm not sure what will come. I don't know if my job at the garden centre will continue, so Terry & I are working to see what can be done to increase the business at Furnace Fitness. No matter what, I hope to continue appreciating the special people & things around me. I'm also even more passionate about making Vibrant Ireland better- more informative & enjoyable for you all.

Thank you all so much for reading!  In order to make the blog better for you, I'd love to hear any suggestions or ideas of what you'd like to see more of, or less. I'm really excited about all the suggestions you've given for my 13 for 2013, and the post on what I aim to do is coming soon. :-)

 I sincerely hope 2013 & beyond are good for you. Susan

2011/12 brought wonderful new gifts- caring, life affirming friends; THANK YOU! Including the photographer of this: Roisin Markham

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