Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Frost & sunlight make some natural magic

December sunrise, Ireland
This morning dawned pink, orange, and frosty. The air was still, and the whoosh of the rooks' wing beats carried across the sky, combined with the rushing of the river Barrow below. What a wonderful way to wake. After a bracing cup of coffee, both I & the sun were fully awake-- time for a walk! 
Here are some photos:

The sunlight & frost made magic together.
Seed heads were fuzzy- not with seeds but with frost crystals!
A long-tailed tit called in the mist that still lingered close to the river
Sunlit beauty of decay; a reminder of the cycles of life
frosted lace was everywhere
the delicacy of the fine threads of frost on the plants was amazing
upon returning home, one of the last flowering garden plants sported frozen beads! 

The December days may be short in Ireland, but there is still beauty be found, especially in the quiet hours of dawn and dusk. May your December, & beyond, be full of gentle beauty. 


  1. Beautiful images Susan, but do you really think you can fool us? I'm sure you were just heading in not waking up.
    Cheers and thanks,

    1. Tee hee! Rarely that happens anymore! But maybe when I go to Winterval with the gals we will have Christmas cheer into the wee hours ;-) Will raise a glass to you! :-)


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