Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Friday the end of the world? Go to Winterval while you can!

Friday is the end of the world? Right so, better go to Winterval while you can! 

 Taking my own advice, I'm gathering up some friends to go have a bang-up time in Waterford. The Irish home of Winterval puts on fantastic, award winning festivals, & if you're tempted, I've a few tips for your visit.

Dooley's hotel, Waterford City, Ireland. Big rooms, & big info binder :-)

To really enjoy the festivities, consider staying overnight. In September Waterford puts on the Harvest Festival, and for 2012 I was invited to be part of its blogger's tour. I was kindly put up in Dooley's hotel, and now I'm returning (on my own money) to take advantage of their large double-twin rooms.

Why I'm returning to Dooley's:
 Location:  Easy to find. On the quay; a handy base for walking anywhere in the city centre. 
 Value: I'm sharing the large double-twin room, with full Irish breakfast for under 40€ pp for 2.
Helpfulness: Staff cheerful and eager to assist. Binder full of local info in the room.
It is, of course, very clean- so important!
Update: when I checked in, Dooley's said that the room would be comp. (That wasn't pre-arranged, & not why I went back to Dooley's.) 
That was fab, & it allowed us some extra funds to spend in Waterford- which we did! :-D

Bodega in Waterford City, Ireland. Great fun, food, & drink!

 I can't comment on Dooley's breakfast, as I was a bit, ahem, unhungry after a wonderful evening of delicious local-food tasting platters and wine, craft beer & cider at Bodega resuaurant. (I know, I know- my sampling of all those types of drink was not well thought out!) We're back at Bodega this visit, but I'll be smarter. There's too much to enjoy at Winterval to have a sore head! (PS another place I've loved eating in in Waterford is Emiliano's.)

A  Sample Winterval to-see list 
  • The Waterford Illuminates light show  Free. At Cathedral Square, til 23 Dec. Shows each hour on the hour from 5-10pm (Thurs & Sun last show 9pm) 

  • The Viking Christmas Experience Free, Greyfriars Chruch.  Fri-Sun noon-4pm, Tues-Thurs 11am-2pm ''The settlement will be filled with the sights and sounds (and some smells) of Viking society. From authentic cooking utensils, to swords and shields to work and craft tools,it’s the closest you’ll ever get to life as a Viking!''
  • The Toy Museum Free, City Hall. 11am-6pm Toys old & new since the 1930s. Nostalgia!
  • A Georgian Christmas  €5, Bishop's Place. Mon- Sat 10am-5pm, Sun 11am-5pm 
On the day of the 'End of The World' ;-) go out in style with music, tea & mince pies at:

The Early Byrds 

Renaissance music in costume

Friday 21st December 8pm

''The Early Byrds are a group of musicians from Dublin and the South-East who have a love of early music and play and sing music from the Renaissance era in period costumes. Come and experience a taste of the 17th Century in the historic St Patrick's Church in Waterford.''
Tickets available on the door €10, €5 conc.
Tea and mince pies included.
The Georgian experience tour at Bishops Palace, Waterford City, Ireland- tis very good

Yep,you guessed it; these folks from The (non Christmas version) Georgian Experience tour are looking quite concerned about the end of the world!

Seriously, I did the tour in September, and tis entertaining & interesting. The house is full of treasures, and with the tour you learn the back-story from the characters who lived at the time.

During Winterval the cafe at Bishop's Palace will be offering authentic Georgian food as well as its normal fare. I've eaten here twice and it has been quite tasty- I'm looking forward to seeing what's on the menu now.

I've not mentioned the craft workshops, markets, Santa's Grotto and more for children & adults-- go browse what all is on! Winterval runs until 23 December 2012- click    
Have a great time at Winterval-  don't worry, the Earth will still be around on Saturday :-) 
Don't forget to eat a Blaa! 


  1. Whee! Can't wait to meet you there Susan, wouldn't miss it!

  2. The Georgian experience tour looks like a great buzz...


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