Monday, August 27, 2012

Ireland In Venice, Kilkenny In Venice!

 Ireland in Venice! 
 one of Richard Mosse's Infra photos
 Don't let the photo confuse you, yes, there is a reason for a picture of Congo in my section titled 'Ireland in Venice.' In fact, it could even be titled Kilkenny in Venice! 

What am I on about??
Kilkenny native Richard Mosse is going to be the artist representing Ireland in the2013 Venice Bienale, and Kilkenny's Butler Gallery director, Anna O'Sullivan,
 is Ireland's commissioner/curator for the Biennale.
Mosse will be continuing the work he started with his Infra photoghraphs, surreally documenting the ongoing conflict in eastern Congo. These are very powerful pieces, and I had the privilege of seeing some at Dublin Contemporary in 2011. You can currently see a show of his photos at Sirius Art Cenre in Cork. For 2013 in Venice, he will be doing things a bit differently:
“At Venice, Richard will push this work into a strong, immersive multimedia environment,” said O’Sullivan. “I am thrilled for Richard, who I know will rise to the challenge of this important opportunity, and will create an extremely original installation that will represent Ireland powerfully on the international stage.”
                              To find out more, do read the Irish Times article the quote came from, here.
Venice (not my photo)
Like many of you, I would love to visit Venice. It has been on our wish list for a long, long time. I think that going to see 'Kilkenny in Venice' is a great excuse! I'm starting to do my research now for a visit in one of the quieter months of 2013.
I'd love to hear any tips you may have! 
Thanks, Susan

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