Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Enjoy the Irish Outdoors! Spring Equinox & Kilkenny Walking festival

Get out & enjoy the fabulous outdoors in Ireland- now that it is Spring Equinox, the days are really going to get longer! I recommend doing some of the walks, & more, during April's month long Kilkenny Walking Festival-- click the link & DO download the full programme from the page; there is lots on, like Bluebell Walks, Walk & Paddles, Scavenger Hunts, Walk & BBQ, Eco Walks, City Walks, Garden Walks, Archaelology Walks & many more!
Several of the walks are here in Graiguenamanagh, & here's what we saw on our Spring Equinox walk today:
Spring Equinox, outdoors in Graiguenamanagh, Kilkenny
We saw the swan couple were back in their traditional nesting place- after so many years they are well used to all the passing people & dogs, & have got their nest tucked away in a cosy spot.
 After all that beauty, it was time to really get wild!
 *no sticks, not much soil, and no animals were harmed in the making of these photos ;-) *
PS: the swans are safely nesting on the other side of the river, & are well used to passing dogs & don't get upset 
Hope we'll see you down this way during the Kilkenny Walking Festival, & beyond!
Some helpful links:
Mary from  is leading some Eco Walks in Graiguenamanagh
Charlie from is leading some Walk & Paddles here, too.
If you'd like to stay overnight in Graiguenamanagh town, try
for Graiguenamanagh's Town Of Books Festival in September!

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