Thursday, July 28, 2011

New Irish play! (& college life as a pie chart)

                                             If you are a parent, this may make you happy;
                                             if you are a 17-yr-old, this may make you sad-
                                         a statistic straight from the horse's mouth:
not the actual horse.
a college student's life is 5% sex.
I know, I know, but according to the pie chart by author of the play 
who was himself a college student, it is true. 

If you are a 
17-yr-old, this may make you happy; if you are a parent, this may make you sad:
30% of a college student's life is Facebook

But what makes up the other 65% the pie chart? And what if it doesn't go the way you planned? 

Sparks Theatre's new play explores it all, with characters everyone of any age & educational experience will recognize. The author Adrian says:

'One For The Road' is a romantic comedy about six college friends who are nearing the end of their first year.

And as everyone tells you...College... it's the life, the freedom to do what you want, when you want.
But what if college didn't live up to all the hype of what you thought it would be; what if in college you made the wrong decisions, what if, in college you weren't happy?One night, these characters are going to make some decisions about what they really want.

I spoke to Adrian, and two of the actors; Ollie Kelly and Catriona Kilbride, and I'll be posting more on them, their characters, and the play in general as soon as I can figure out how to edit the video I took in my next installment.

Til then, pencil in the dates 26-28 August, and book your ticket for One For The Road at the Duiske Inn In Graignamanagh, Co. Kilkenny

Bookings can be taken by phoning 087-9439979.
Parental Advisory: Explicit Language Used Throughout. Tickets 10 Euro.
Doors 7:30..Show 8:00.

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