Monday, June 27, 2011

Hate musicals? 3 reasons you'll be Smitten with this Irish one!

This man hates musicals. He hates plays or movies where people sing. He even hates 'Grease.'
 musical hating man

But he loved this:
Smitten- a play that wants to be a musical
I loved it too, & here are our top 3 reasons why YOU should go see Smitten  
at 76 John St, Kilkenny City 8pm, til Sat 2 July.

 1.) 'TONY!'
He has 2 hidden talents- 1 of them is singing. The other you'll find out about in the play!
2.) The 'ol' sea dog stories' scene. The next time you're chatting to someone at a dull party, try telling a story like those fellas!
insert Smitten 'sea dogs' here
3.) Smitten is fun! but not fluffy- there are themes you can think about as you wave your jazz hands.
Go see it, even if you think you hate musicals.
Here's a promo clip for the show
We've seen all 3 plays in Devious Theatre's 'In The Future When All's Well' series & we've enjoyed them all- and- confession: I'm not usually a fan of plays! But I will certainly see any Devious put on, & I think I'll try a few others, too. So if you are uncertain about theatre, or Devious Theatre- I say, go on, get Smitten!!
(FYI: Smitten has adult themes & language) 

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