Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! Loved these 3 art exhibits in Dublin.

'Reversed Gunnera' by Elis O'Connell. Fabulous large art piece at the RSA Gallery
I took the photos & video that follow at her exhibit at the RSA Gallery in Dublin.
which is on ti'l 27 Feb. 

We took the train to Dublin on Saturday (& very nice it was not to have to drive!) in order to go to The Moderns exhibit at IMMA before the last day of the east wing display on Feb 13. Heuston station really is just a 5 minute walk from IMMA, which is in a very beautiful setting- the old Royal Hospital. Its south entrance avenue was lined with snowdrops & beautifully gnarled old trees.
Snowdrops at IMMA

Vibrant Art
On the way in to the main gallery space we found Romuald Hazoume's exhibit, which I very much wanted to see. The majority of his works are from found objects, & many are a modern continuance of Africa's ancient mask tradition.They are playful & full of life, & we couldn't help but smile our way thru' the exhibit, particularly when we ended up at the wonderful orchestra. The people of Benin, Hazoume's country, deal daily with exploitation, (as shown in the artist's jerry-can materials) but in this artwork we got a sense of them as a vibrant people, reacting creatively to their situation. Artartworks has a blog post with a bit more. The exhibit is one that all ages will enjoy, and I encourage you to go & see it.
Photos are not allowed, so I've none from our IMMA visit, but here is an interview with Romuald Hazoume- do look for the bit with the 'Orchestra' piece further in. The music from it was wonderful :)  The exhibit will be on until 15 May. 

The Moderns
Next we went in to The Moderns. There are a lot of pieces, 450 in total, so we broke it up with a yummy snack & coffee (see Foodspotting photos sidebar) in the itsa@IMMA cafe, where there were some interesting art pieces, too. I should have taken photos of the buildings (& the REALLY lovely ladies' room!) but I didn't think! Will do better on future posts! 
For those of you who missed The Moderns, here is a virtual tour from IMMA! You can 'wander' in each room, zoom in, or click individual items listed on the left hand side for a better look. 
Here are some of my favorites from the east wing (which is the part closing on the 13th) :
 2 women artists:
It reminded me of Lily of the Valley plants, tho' not trees!

and 2 of my favorites by Jack b. Yeats- tho' they are not nearly so impressive as when seen in person
Especially on this one, the vibrant, exciting colours are lost

Eileen Gray was also represented; you can see my previous post on her here
In the west wing were some quite fun 3d headgame pieces (don't think that is the formal term!)- they will definitely need seeing in person, & you'll have until mid March to do that.

The RSA Gallery & Haptic
IMMA is a well worth going to, and I'd also highly recommend going to the RSA Gallery to see Haptic by Elis O'Connell. It is more off of the beaten track, but well worth seeking out.
Do go to see Haptic before it finishes on the 27th of Feb! There are works of Elis O'Connell's both downstairs (smaller, wonderful natural pieces suspended in resin) & up, and don't miss any of them! We fell in love with all of the pieces, and so wanted to touch, lay on, or just sit by the magnificent items upstairs. Here is a video clip of what greeted us as we went in upstairs. WOW! 

The RSA Gallery is  a few streets off of Stephen's Green- here's a wee map. If you liked what you saw of her work, do go see it in person- it is 'haptic'- you will want to touch; it is inviting. I also felt it was quite soothing and restful after a day in the 'Big Smoke' for us culchies. Perfect!
It was a wonderful day in Dublin! 

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