Sunday, January 16, 2011


There's been lots of rain here in Ireland recently (really!) and with it came milder, frost free weather in our patch of the Southeast-- in fact, it has felt very much like Spring is just around the corner. Today the sun has come out, and with it came a Twitter call from @BridgestoneEd for folks to tweet photos of #SignsofSpring  So, in the spirit of this Spring Fever, here are some of mine- all from today, excepting the 1st one of the fuzzy willow buds, which was taken on Stephens' Day! (Dec 26) 2010. 

 fuzzy willow buds
 alder catkins in the wildlife friendly planting on the Graig ring road
 mushroom (snuggling a clover) along the ring road
Now for the garden photos: the 1st snowdrops!
 Pulmonaria starting to flower- an important one for early bees! (flowers turn blue once pollinated- lovely!)
 'January Gold' daffodil will open soon!
Hellebore argutifolius
 pink primrose 
 baby nettle peeping out of a crack in the side of a black plastic pot!
 Witch Hazel 'Jelena'
 Some of these are technically winter flowering, esp the snowdrops & witch hazel, but they still signal that Spring  is coming :) How far along is Spring in your area? 

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