Sunday, December 12, 2010

Best beer battered fish ever!

Last night Hubby & I walked down a semi-icy footpath down to one of the local pubs in Graignamanagh, Co. Kilkenny. We've been there a fair few times for dinner- hearty food, and loads of it- and there's usually some left over for our dogs even after we are stuffed to bursting! The other times I've gone for the tasty joint of the day, with plenty of veg, but this time I had the beer battered fish. After the 1st bite I had to set down my fork & take a photo of this yummy dish! The batter was so crisp, not greasy, and the fish & batter were light but full of flavour. I ate the whole big piece, & didn't feel the 'fatty overload' that can come with fried food (& gallstones :( I'm also an avid coleslaw fan, and the coleslaw in the salad was traditionally creamy and bold-but-worth-it for this gal who also shouldn't eat eggs! For hearty, home-cooked style pub food in a picturesque village, you can't go far wrong here with the fish or joint of the day! The Duiske is not a fancy place, but the woodstove pumps out the heat, the service and locals are very friendly, and the Guinness is tasty. A wee walk down the quays looking at the beautiful bridge, boats & swans afterwards is just the tonic needed post stuffing-yourself-silly! You might also see the local very friendly otter, tho' we mostly see him earlier in the day. Here's a wee video from along the Graig quayside.

Maybe we'll see you there! If you've no dogs, you can always feed your left over chips to the swans & ducks ;)
Where have YOU had the best battered fish? Let us know- leave a comment below & we can get a a tasty battered fish map of Ireland (or elsewhere!)


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