Monday, September 17, 2012

A fantastic event! Ireland's Ploughing Championships

 County Cavan Ploughing Championships 2009, Gowna by Oliver Dixon 

An unmissable event is on in Ireland today ( Tues 25 Sept) through Thursday-- The National Ploughing Championships! I am not joking when I say they have something for everyone- food, farming, fashion, fun! The festival moves around the country every year, and this year it is taking place in the sunny Southeast- New Ross, county Wexford. See the map below for the area- Heathpark- where the event will be located.

My photo of  Joe's BBQ at Waterford Harvest Feastival 2012
We'll certainly be going, and will be on the lookout for Joe's BBQ and their fabulous brisket & Texan style pulled pork bbq-- we first tasted their food at the Harvest Feastival, & now we are hooked! Joes's is just one of the things we are looking forward to- there are hundreds of exhibits & events. 

                 Here's some of what the championships are tempting us with food-wise:
'' Visitors will be encouraged to sample and taste the finest of Irish sourced produce along with the very best of mouth-watering artisan delicacies. In addition, aspiring connoisseurs can discuss and sample a wide selection of wines and liqueurs in the dedicated Food & Wine Hall, while others may be tempted to sip some of the finest coffees available .''     MMMM!

           And after that- check out New Ross Piano Festival- starts Thurs 27 Sept, on all weekend 

             See you at the Ploughing Championships in the sunny Southeast!!


  1. Hi Susan, If any one is on vacation and has the chance to experience an event such as this, I say go. The power of the draft horses is amazing and the way these huge animals are controlled is just as amazing. I have to confess and say I've only seen these contests closer to home, but you get a whole different perspective on the world when you get to see these beast perform. And brisket BBQ too, MMM.

    1. Hi Brian, I'll try to eat some BBQ for you! :-) Susan


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