Sunday, March 4, 2012

Go see Bittersweet Grafitti in gorgeous Graiguenamanagh- What to do in Ireland

Bittersweet Grafitti by Spark Productions. follow them on Twitter @sparkstheatre
Graiguenamanagh in county Kilkenny is a lovely little medieval riverside town, full of its own dramas and dreams just like anywhere else- but in Graig things *really* take off in summer, when locals & visitors alike are drawn down the the riverside. And now one of these dramas is being, well, dramatized! :-) 
Bittersweet Grafitti is a comedy about having no regrets, set one summer in Graiguenamanagh. Have a look at this short video clip, where I'll show you the riverside & tell you a bit more! 
 Practice will make perfect ;-)
 Thanks for watching!


  1. Suz this is really Vibrant Ireland alright! You have to do more video, love it, you are a total natural in front of a camera, I would just DIE! MORE!

    1. I will cultivate my inner diva & create more videos! ;-) Seriously, so glad you like it!


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