Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bindings and spaces- some contemporary craft highlights at Kilkenny Arts Festival

will be on display at the beautiful, light-filled National Craft Gallery as part of the Craft Strand of the 2011 Kilkenny Arts Festival. The crafts curator, Angela O'Kelly, tells us it will be: 

''An exciting mix of emerging and established artists whose work is inspired by the written word, or by the binding and recycling of books and paper, respond to the work of the authors participating in the Literature strand of the festival.''

With 14 different makers displaying their work, it'll be an eclectic mix, with something for everyone.

Stefan Saffer
I am particularily excited about seeing the work of two people- one is Stefan Saffer, who says his cut outs 
''cast a shadow onto the wall to remind you what they are- a space between your thought and another.''

Much of his cut out work is flowing and sensuous, and all his works- sculptures, installations, and folded pieces, have something to say, and not just always in the spaces-
sometimes the text is clear!
Sweepstake by Stefan Saffer

I'm looking forward to seeing what he may be saying 'in the spaces' at 'Modified Expression.'

Rachel Hazell
I'm also looking forward to travelling bookbinder Rachel Hazell's work.
She has some beautiful photos on her blog
where she ''sees books in everything''

This image photographed by Rachel is even more interesting when you 'see a book' in it.

Rachel has traveled to many places, including the Antarctic, so she's full of wild & wonderful books. Do click to see more about the trip & pictures of the amazing 'ice bound: antarctic bookworks' inspired by her time there.

The bookbinding workshops she's leading at the festival are also listed under the children's events, but after reading about her & seeing her work, I know I'd love to go- what about you?

These are only 2 of the interesting makers showing at the festival- there are many more! You may like to have a look at an earlier post containing some of the other craftspeople & events here.

And if you missed it on the Kilkenny Arts festival's blog page, have a watch of what else Craft curator Angela O'Kelly has to say about the strand.

Hope to see you all at the festival! 

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