Sunday, November 21, 2010

10 reasons why I love Ireland

On the road to Graignamanagh from St. Mullins

In the midst of all the bad PR about Ireland, I just felt like revisiting some of the reasons I love living here.
           1. The absolute natural beauty of much of the country, easily reached even if you are in the middle of Dublin. You can also reach the sea from anywhere in about a 90minute drive. 
2. In rural areas particularly, people are friendly, nodding & saying hello on the street or giving the (nice) finger wave when passing by in the car. Folks aren't afraid to talk to strangers.
3. Yes, I know we are angry at our government right now, but in Ireland there is generally the feeling that we do have a say in the politics;  that we can be heard, (vs the feeling of being a very very small drop in a humongous ocean in larger countries.) 
4. Mild climate, very few natural disasters, no poisonous insects or snakes, not many ticks, fleas, mosquitoes; no roaches I've ever seen, or bedbugs- the only pesky insects, really, are midges & a few nipping flies at certain times & places.  
5. Even in Dublin, you don't hear 'random' gunfire- guns aren't everywhere. (This helps make #2 much more possible, I think) The ambient fear level is low.
6. The Irish national game show- Winning Streak- where everybody playing wins! 
7. Yes, many of the Irish really are funny/have a way with words. 
8. Hurling! It's a really exciting, fast paced sport. (& many of the hurlers have very nice legs!)
9. Festivals! There seems to always something interesting going on with in driving distance. Food, music, comedy, art, craft, science, literature, history, wildlife, walking, gardening- there are so many events throughout the year.
10. The sense of community. I know in our own little town it is quite strong, and that it is the same for  many places in Ireland, in Ireland as a whole, and in its diaspora. I'm very, very, happy to live in Ireland, and all the sensational financial disaster news reports won't change that.


  1. There are loads more reasons to love Ireland- feel free to add yours!

  2. How heartwarming to find a positive spin on Ireland, I get fed up with all the bad news. I live in Doorus, near Lough Graney and the scenery around us is beautiful. I love photography and it's impossible to keep from snapping away on any walk.

  3. Oh, and your photos are beautiful! If you ever want to post any on the Enjoy In Ireland Facebook page, please do!


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